Spray Foam Insulation

Here we answer many of the key questions related to spray foam insulation. From what is it to how much will it cost.


11/17/2021 5 min read

Spray foam is a fast-growing and, in many ways, unique insulation and sealing solution. The foam is applied on-site, so it conforms to the surface where it is used. This application process creates a tight bonding process, which improves the energy and efficiency of a building.

Spray foam insulation is made by mixing and reacting unique liquid elements. The liquids react when combined and applied on a surface or site, expanding on initial contact to form foam that insulates, seals gaps, and can include air, moisture, and more.  

Spray foam can seal wall cavities, exterior walls, crawlspaces, attics, and small gaps and cracks throughout a property. It can limit air infiltration and movement throughout the home, and this ultimately helps reduce energy and limits pollutants. It is making the house considerably more comfortable.

There are three types of spray foam used for insulation, although homes typically require medium or low density.


Three lbs./cubic ft 'closed-cell foam' / R-Values start at typically 5.5 per inch /This type is generally used for exterior and roofing applications.


Two lbs./cubic ft., 'closed-cell foam / R-Values start at 5.7 per inch.

They are often used for interior wall cavity fill and unvented attic applications.


0.5 lbs./cubic ft., 'open-cell foam' R-Values start at 3.6 per inch* Often used for interior wall cavity fill and unvented attic applications *The R means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effect. Ask your seller for the fact sheet on R-value.

If you're fascinated by using spray foam insulation on your property, we suspect you're keen to grasp what proportion this can be likely to cost.

Undoubtedly, spray foam can cost over other options on the market, like fibreglass, but spray foam can still offer value.

Many different things will dictate the price of the spray foam your home requires. Each situation is different and comes with its own set of variables. We're visiting to explain all that and much more in-depth below, so if you're fascinated by spray foam insulation and need to be told more about the prices related to it, read on now.

Some key factors will influence the worth of your spray foam insulation in cost UK. the foremost important ones are the thickness of the insulation, the scale of the world that has to be covered, the installation process and therefore, the kind of spray foam insulation you decide on.
Some of those things are specific to your property, but there are only two primary varieties of spray foam insulation, and here's a bit more information about each of them.

Open Cell

Open-cell spray foam is usually considered the most straightforward option when insulating a loft, walls or floor within the home. this is often because this sort of spray foam expands and encapsulates the air. This also means it's breathable, helping to avoid timber rot.
It acts as a barrier that stops heat from escaping and being lost from home or leaking into the property from the surface. It provides you with the protection you would like and doesn't put your home in danger in any way.

Closed Cell

Closed-cell is the other option, and it's suitable for various forms of structures, like those with a metal frame. this would possibly not apply to most owners but is usually used on boats, large metal containers, and similar structures.
It has a rigid structure as there's less air in its bubbles. this is often good for preventing air and water leaks, but it is not perfect for timber, and that is why it isn't ideal for many homes. It's why it tends only to be used when the structure it's being applied to is created of metal.

Spray Foam vs Traditional Insulation styles like wool loft insulation

Before you opt which is suitable for you, it's worth learning a touch more about the differences between spray foam insulation and more traditional types of insulation. this can offer you an understanding of why the prices can differ too.

Why spray foam?

No Air Leakage

When you use spray foam, there are no air leaks, and this is often because there is a barrier that the froth forms, which suggests the within and outdoors environments are kept entirely break away from each other. that is what prevents air leaks that may otherwise occur.
If traditional insulation is employed rather than spray foam, gaps tend to be left after installation. These gaps are often damaging, and this can be when air leaks occur because there's space between the fibreglass insulation.

No Pollutants

Air pollutants are often actual problems when using fibreglass insulation within the home. Because the material deteriorates, some particles fall off and acquire released into the home's air. this will result in mildew and mould problems forming within the house moreover.
Spray foam could be a high-quality insulation solution, and it does the work okay in various direct ways and facilitate your use of less energy every year. You'll feel that you have got your money's worth from the merchandise if you decide on the proper installer and obtain a reasonable price from them. It's an insulation option that ought to be seriously considered.

There aren't any toxins released with spray foam insulation because the fabric is entirely non-toxic both during and after the installation process has been completed. There isn't any risk of things being released into the air or the issues related to that.

Noise Barrier

It is wise to use spray foam insulation UK cost if you're concerned about external noise because it can act as a noise barrier. It means when you're within the home, you will not be ready to hear any of these annoying noises, which will sometimes be heard from outside.
Unfortunately, that's not the case with most traditional kinds of insulation. They cannotwhich cannot change which cannot change.

Less Deterioration Over Time

Replacing damaged and deteriorated insulation will be a significant headache and a big source of expense for homeowners. Nobody wants to try to do it, but it becomes necessary when using fibreglass insulation. It deteriorates over time and eventually has to get replaced.
As it deteriorates, it becomes less effective, and your energy bills might arise as a result. But with spray foam insulation, this should not be a priority because it doesn't deteriorate over time, saving you money and allowing you to avoid an entire lot of hassle.

The Pricing Factors

Here are a number of the critical factors at play when determining the price of your spray foam insulation. They'll have a bearing on what quantity you finish up paying.

Removal Requirements

Already have insulation in situ? This should be removed before installing the new spray foam insulation. this will raise the expense because it takes quite a little bit of work to get rid of the insulation, and it's something that installers will charge you for.

In many instances, the installer will look at the case and factor those removal costs into the price of the installation work, so you would possibly overlook the additional expense when the time involves pay. Still, it'll be there, and you may be paying for it.

The Installers you decide on.

Of course, the installers you decide to hold out the work will have their customers' rates. Some will charge you quite others, but you mustn't select an installer solely supported low prices because other things matter too.

You should ensure that the corporate is reputable and has experience winding up this type of labour.

The Type of Home You Own

Homes are always different from each other in an exceeding form of ways. This must be taken into consideration when the value of the insulation is being decided. The dimensions of the space you would like covering will bear the worth, as an example.
There may additionally be environmental issues that impact the value. And if a property is listed, some regulations must be adhered to and brought under consideration, which could affect the installation process and the price.

Existing Damage or Problems

Suppose there's damage to the housework that'll impact the price further.

These are things that will be assessed beforehand by the knowledgeable installer. They'll provide you with a more robust idea of how those problems will change the cost. Contact us to arrange a meeting with our surveyor now.