The rising cost of energy and what to do about it

The rising cost of energy and what to do about it


2/12/2022 1 min read

Energy prices are on the rise. This means that now, more than ever, it’s essential to take measures to insulate your home and make sure that you’re not wasting energy. The Government has recently released statistics showing that “the amount of energy lost in UK homes is equivalent to the output from eight power stations.” This means that a quarter of all energy consumed in Britain is used for heating and hot water, two-thirds of which is wasted because homes are poorly insulated.

Insulating your loft and cavity walls in Surrey can help you achieve more efficient heating of your home. It may be possible for you to receive some Government grant if you are on benefits, on a low income or have children, so it’s best to find out about this as soon as possible.

The cavity wall insulation process is relatively inexpensive and straightforward – depending upon whether your cavity wall needs insulating from the inside or outside, cavity wall insulation can reduce cavity wall heat loss by up to 63%. So why not take advantage of cavity wall insulation to save money and help the environment?

Spray foam insulation is another excellent option for cavity insulation. Foam-based insulation, spray foam insulation, is usually injected into the cavity and expands in all directions, filling every corner simultaneously increasing wall stability.

Another commonly used form of home insulation is spray foam insulation, which consists of two liquid components that react and expand during the injection process. This surge of expansion results in a chemical bond between all surfaces and ensures that no heat gets through to escape your home. Spray foam has an R-value (how well it resists heat transfer) of 3.7 per inch, making it an excellent option for cavity insulation.

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